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Canine Craze Performance Center
Canine Craze Performance Center

All the way in Urbandale, IA, Canine Craze Performance Center has been loving their OPTIMA program. One of the first steps we take when our customers join the OPTIMA program, is to make sure that all of their information is fully flushed out across all the major search engines. This means making sure that your business is showing up under all of the correct categories. When a customer starts their search online, we want to make sure that your business is showing up under each searchable keyword with features and services that you offer, as well as under each area you serve. Showing up in more places online, means showing up for more potential customers who call you when they are ready to buy! In their time with the OPTIMA program, Canine Craze Performance center has built a 4.6 star rating, with 78 Google reviews, and 360 views on their Testimonial Page website.

Hear from Renee Jetter, co-owner of Canine Craze Performance Center, on how OPTIMA has been boosting her business’ online visibility!

“I love OPTIMA! My account manager consistently checks in with me, even if I miss her multiple times, she doesn’t give up! Since starting with this program, I have absolutely seen a growth in my online presence. When I decided I wanted to be found under an additional category, OPTIMA made it happen. I went from #15 to #4 in a matter of months. All in all, it is a great, affordable program that I would recommend to any small business trying to grow their online presence.”

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