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Groovy Katz Salon
Groovy Katz Salon

Groovy Katz Salon, a local hair salon in Iowa City, IA, offers a variety of services including waxing, haircuts, coloring, hair treatments, makeup-related services, and so many more. Groovy Katz prides itself on working with high-quality brands such as Aveda, Great Lengths, and Keratin Cezanne to provide the best service for their customers. In caring for their customers, Groovy Katz Salon purchased OPTIMA™ in 2018 which boosted their online presence to make the experience of finding a quality salon easy and accessible.

Groovy Katz started business back in 1999 and became known as the premier salon in Iowa City, IA. Despite their impeccable reputation around town, when Groovy Katz first signed on for OPTIMA™ in 2018, they only had 68 Google reviews with 4.7 star rating. After purchasing OPTIMA™, Groovy Katz now has 233 reviews on Google with a 4.8 star rating. This increase in reviews has helped put Groovy Katz on the map and as of August 2023, they rank #1 in local listing results for Beauty Salons in Iowa City, IA. With help from OPTIMA™, Groovy Katz transformed their online presence and now prominently stands out from the competition.

Groovy Katz’s OPTIMA™ Testimonial Page Website has been a useful tool for boosting their online presence and growing their client list. In the past 12 months, their Testimonial Page Website has been viewed 12,583 times and 1,221 potential clients have called the salon through their site! They made the appointment process easy by allowing clients to book online through a link on their Testimonial Page Website. So easy in fact that 2,492 clicks have been made to book an appointment or buy a gift card via the site since August of 2022. OPTIMA™ not only helps business owners with their online presence, but it also helps customers to find fabulous businesses like Groovy Katz Salon.

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