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Lattin’s Country Cider Mill And Farm
Lattin’s Country Cider Mill And Farm

Located in Olympia, WA, Lattin’s Country Cider And Mill Farm has been an OPTIMA customer since August of 2021. They have our Premium +Social OPTIMA program and have an impressive online presence, with a 4.3 Google star rating and 1,054 Google reviews. One of the aspects of their OPTIMA program that they have been seeing great results with is their OPTIMA +Social. With our +Social program, we assist in the creation or updating of your business Facebook page, and create and post up to 8 Facebook posts and 8 Google posts per year. Lattin’s County Cider Mill And Farm uses their Facebook posting assistance to highlight their seasonal products, such as the current product in stock, and they also use the platform to reach out to their community while hiring event staff. Their Facebook page has become a social hub for their customers to get excited about their fall offerings while they plan their visit to the farm. Their Facebook page has 15,265 likes, 15,633 followers, and have reported that 25,339 people have checked in with their location while at the farm.

Read more from Debbie Lattin, owner of Lattin Country Cider And Mill Farm, about how her OPTIMA +Social program has benefited her business.

“I love OPTIMA in general but the +Social program has been absolutely amazing. Being a local farm, we always have new stuff going on to share with our customers. From having new types of apples available every couple of weeks to baby animals being born, it is all exciting information to share! My Account Manager and I have a schedule of her calling me to post in order to ensure that the posts are happening! I don’t need to think of what to write. All I do is text her a picture so she knows what to post about and she make the post! The next time we chat she tells me how the post did. I love to hear all the comments and love we get on them! The best part is just not having to worry about my Facebook page being active!”

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