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England’s Bay Auto Repair
England’s Bay Auto Repair

England’s Bay Auto Repair of Van Wert, OH, has been with the OPTIMA™ program for less than a year, and is receiving great feedback online! The OPTIMA™ online reputation management has provided their business with review encouragement tools to gather positive reviews from across the search engines. They now have an impressive 4.9 star rating and have gained 125 Google reviews. Here are just a few of the reviews that customers are leaving about their positive experience with England’s Bay Auto Repair.

Kristin Johnson left a 5 star review stating, “Wow! Can’t recommend enough. We were a few hours from home on a family trip when our engine light came on and vehicle started running really rough. Thankfully we were 10 minutes outside of Van Wert and stopped here to see if they could help us out. They had it diagnosed and fixed within an hour and we were back on the road, and for a great price .Couldn’t ask for more. Thank you!!”

Charlotte Wenninger left a 5 star review stating, “My most recent reason for a visit to the shop was a failing battery. Josh checked the battery and Joe replaced it. I was on my way in a very short amount of time. Thank you, Joe and Josh for your professional service and caring attitude. As always, you took the time to take care of me when your parking lot was flooded with cars. I highly recommend your business to anyone with a car repair need.”

Gideon Montgomery left a 5 star review stating, “This place is the best Auto Repair place you could come by. This was my first visit here and I needed a new water pump, in a Toyota, which is a beast. The team was very knowledgeable and very respectful. I was very happy with them and now the van is off and running like new again.”

The positive feedback that England’s Bay Auto Repair is received online is leading to great results! They have received 44 calls from customers searching through their testimonial page website, and that same site has been viewed 476 times. With a professionally managed and visible listing, England’s Bay Auto Repair is showing up as the second search result when customers are searching for Auto Repair in Van Wert, OH.

Read Joe England’s thoughts about working with the OPTIMA™ program below.

“Before OPTIMA™, we rarely did any marketing online due to the fact that we have a good customer base through word of mouth referrals. Almost a year after purchasing OPTIMA™, I can say I am very happy with this decision. Due to uncontrollable circumstances, most of my competitors are struggling for business, as their repeat customers have not been coming in as often. Luckily, because OPTIMA™ has boosted our visibility on Google, we have been able to keep busy through these tough times with travelers and people in need of emergency services who are going to Google for help. People passing through town in need of our service do not have friends or family they can call for recommendations, so luckily when they Google our categories, we are the first option they see and have such great reviews to back up our jobs well done. We pride ourselves on being family owned and operated, and are thankful for our account manager who does a great job translating this to the internet!”

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