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Aldo Appliance Repair
Aldo Appliance Repair

Aldo Appliance Repair in St. Charles, IL started with OPTIMA™ in January of 2022 and is a true reputation management success story! They’ve been in business since 1972 and with help from OPTIMA™, business has never been better.

When Aldo Appliance Repair started their Premium +Social program, their online image was in rough shape. A little over a year ago, they were rated 3.2 stars on Google with 10 reviews – today, they are at 4.5 stars with 37 reviews! They’ve jumped from #6 in local rankings to #3!

Hear from owner Enza Luisi about their success with OPTIMA™!

“When I first signed up with OPTIMA™, I was incredibly skeptical. We were getting 90% of our business from warranty companies. We knew we wanted to start to switch that to our own organic customers, but we didn’t know how to start. OPTIMA™ made it easy, they did it for us. When we signed up we had terrible reviews, that weren’t about us, but about the warranty company, which was incredibly frustrating. We leave a recommendation card at every job and we have raised our ranking and our star rating to over 4.4! We also have accomplished our goal and now are doing 90% organic work and warranty work only when we need. Thanks OPTIMA™!”

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