Mentorship Team Bio.

Megan Goettsche

In January of 2018, I decided it was time to broaden my horizons and search for a new career opportunity. I threw my resume up on Indeed and received a message from Alex Hogan inviting me to a phone interview with AMP for an inside sales position. Sales? Prior to AMP, I worked as a preschool teacher. I had never considered myself in a sales role. After researching the company, I was intrigued, and decided to come in for an interview. I interviewed with Ashley Fawkes and was offered the position of Digital Development Specialist. Accepting that position has honestly been the best decision I could have made for myself, my career & my future. I remember one of Ashley’s interview questions was, “What are your goals here at AMP, where do you want to go in the company?” my response was “As high up as I can, I’ve never been one to settle!” Working a AMP has taught me so much professionally and personally. I am grateful to be able to learn something new every day and my own confidence has also grown tremendously. I have always enjoyed training new reps and found the more I trained, the better my performance was! As our team continued to grow, we were finding ourselves in need of more training time. In November of 2019, we created a new role for inside sales which was a classroom trainer. I was extremely excited with the creation of this position and was promoted to the first Schaumburg Classroom trainer. I found myself loving my new role as I was able to train remarkable rookies, and continue to lead from the front with the full assignment of a senior account manager. Every single day I come to work I am always challenging myself and taking that next step to advance in my career. In February of 2020, I was promoted to Schaumburg Assistant District Manager, where I am currently working on developing my own team of remarkable account managers. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my dog, yoga, hiking and slack lining. The evolution that has taken place at AMP the past few years has been nothing short of incredible. I am very proud to be part of team AMP.

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