Mentorship Team Bio.

Emily Miles

HI! My name is Emily Miles and I’m from Marengo, a small town in Iowa. Before AMP I worked as a marketing specialist for social media, website, and search engines. My favorite part was learning all the constant updates that happened on the multiple platforms like Facebook! I love how it keeps me on my toes, but I was looking for more and something that might mean a little more. Working at AMP allows me to tune back in to my customer service and help people! Days are never the same and I love coming up with new ideas for my customers, too! AMP is also one of the best and most positive companies I’ve worked for. In my free time I watch A LOT of TV (honestly way more than I should) but I enjoy cuddling up with my dog, Ollie, and dabble in cross-stitch while I watch my favorite shows and movies like Harry Potter, Friends, or The Office. If you stop in the office, you’ll find me at the desk with all the purple!!

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