Key Benefits & Best Practices for FAQs.

Benefits of Website FAQs

1. Improve your website’s visibility in search results.

Search engines such as Google and Bing value the content of Frequently Asked Questions because they provide searchers with relevant, quick, and concise answers. Intelligently designed questions as well as the answers you give should include key words and common search terms that consumers regularly use when looking for a business like yours. Simply put, FAQs can help your business rank higher.

2. Enhance your voice-search readiness.

Crafting frequently asked questions that may match with those spoken into a smart speaker device increases the chances that your given answer may be surfaced in returned results. FAQs give you a natural opportunity to phrase key information about your business in the natural language of spoken voice search.

3. Improve the customer experience.

FAQs give customers quick answers, and those answers can make you the obvious choice. They let you put your best foot forward in clear, concise language that will amplify your advantages and business distinctions.

4. Establish credibility, trustworthiness, and expertise.

Since you get to ask the questions, your answers can showcase your authority on the question posed.

5. Save you and your staff time and money.

Modern consumers often try to find the answers to their question before they dial a number to ask it over the phone. If you can answer those questions without having to staff phones, or if you can reduce repetitive calls or eliminate misunderstandings, FAQs can help you attract the right kind of customers while you run a more efficient and profitable business.


Best practices for Effective FAQs

AMP’s in-house team of experts will help you develop effective FAQ content. We work with thousands of businesses to develop the best possible value and visibility from FAQ content with the goal of enhancing perceived expertise, amplifying their strong commitment to good service, and promoting each client’s best selling points. Our objective is to make it effortless to you.

1. Keep questions and answers short.

The most significant SEO benefits from a Frequently Asked Question will be obtained by a short, conversational question and a concise answer that is focused on one specific topic. Brevity diminishes the ‘signal to noise ratio’ and increases the likelihood that the commonly searched phrases and the key words that you include in your reply are not lost in irrelevantly long text strings.

2. Include relevant keywords and geographic identifiers in your FAQ content.

Building questions and answers that reference frequently searched terms (brands, products, services) with relevant searcher location inquiries (town, zip code, or county references) can help you present more relevant and visible content in search results.

3. Build content that showcases your best selling points.

What key business differentiators do you want to promote? FAQs let you ask and answer questions that will highlight your most attractive features and the advantages of working with you.

4. Build content that amplifies your most profitable or important work.

If you want to capture more customers for an important, specific part of your business, build questions focused on that particular service or product line, and answer them in a manner that will draw in those most important customers.

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