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Bricks and Minifigs Uses OPTIMA™ to leverage social media following to search engine success
Bricks and Minifigs Uses OPTIMA™ to leverage social media following to search engine success

Adam, the owner of Bricks and Minifigs, a Louisville based toy store, worked hard over the past several years to create a substantial and loyal social media following, particularly on Facebook. Like many business owners, he wasn’t sure how to translate and amplify his social media successes into the wider world of the major search engines. Bricks and Minifigs joined OPTIMA™ in June of 2018 with that goal in mind. In their local area, they are one of many toy stores with their focus as a LEGO® resale store.

When our expert data verification team took over the Bricks and Minifigs online presence management we expanded upon Adam’s social media foundation and updated his online business information with imagery, professional business descriptions, and some of the cord brands they carry, all tailored to fit the profiles required by major search engines. We monitor and enhance the critical factors that drive local listings rank among category searches and competitiors. Adam’s constant monitoring had led his business to a respectable 4.5 star rating and 83 Google reviews over the several years before he began his OPTIMA™ program with us. Joining OPTIMA™ allowed him to take a step back and let our dedicated team take over the difficult work of day to day online management so he could spend more time with his customers and choosing products to drive his store’s bottom line. OPTIMA™ gave Adam the positive boost he was looking for as Bricks and Minifigs Google star rating continues to climb to 4.6 with 233 Google reviews, and counting. Increasing your star rating, even a small amount, equates to more sales, busier days, and happier customers. Let OPTIMA™ help you!

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