Mentorship Team Bio.

Stephanie Brady

My name is Stephanie Brady and I grew up in St. Charles, Illinois. I attended Indiana University where I studied Journalism and earned a degree in Communications. I love to read and listening to other people’s stories… both my Grandparents were in the military and I spent a lot of time listening to their war stories. They are my real-life heroes. I came to AMP from Buffalo Wild Wings where I was the Operations General Manager for 8 years. I started in the restaurant industry at age 13 and worked my way up throughout my career. Making the switch into digital sales and working for AMP was a big decision I had to make and it’s a decision I am so happy to have made. I love my job at AMP for too many reasons to list. Now, I get to listen to and tell stories for a living and help business owners with their online visibility along the way. I love a job where I can say “my success is based on yours… I am here to help” and truly mean every word.


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